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so you're interested in being a vendor!

We like having fun so....

it's important to us that you do too. Of course we're excited about showcasing cool stuff, awesome vintage finds and beautiful things; but for us finding kind vendors with positive attitudes who generally like to be around people is a must.

We like pretty things so...

We're not only looking for vendors who sell uniquely beautiful wares, but who also know how to display them. Atmosphere plays a huge role in shopper experience so the more creative your displays the better.

Need inspiration? Here's a link to our Pinterest board with some amazing market displays!

The following is a list of items not allowed at our shows:

  • Pop up tents or tent frames  

  • Peg board 

  • Plastic tarps, plastic tubs, cardbard boxes in sight of shoppers 

  • Indoor/outdoor carpet (rugs are fine!) 

  • Bare fold up tables


Each show has it's own display guidelines and booth requirements, since each is a different type of show. The details and pricing will be on the applications :) 


This show has grown to include not only junkers and pickers, but makers of all things farmhouse style. Add amazing handmade gifts,  garden decor and trendy boutique style clothing and you're singing our tune! This is a vetted market, and handmade vendors will take longer to process. 

Barnstormer's Spring Market
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THE HOLIDAY BAZAAR by Barnstormer's

Think holiday decor meets gift shopping! Are you a crafter who makes amazing holiday decorations? Do you sell handmade jewelry? home made soaps? Apply here! Do you sell gifts, clothing, handmade bags, things people won't want to miss during the holiday season? Apply here!

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