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When Wild Women Create

Something happens when we freely allow our innermost dreams to be unleashed over our lives. When what's setting our soul on fire internally is permitted to manifest in the real world around us, a unique beauty is ignited and whether we recognize it or not, we have actually begun the process of creating.

Creating is so much more than being crafty or even artistic. For so many years I looked at my friends who could paint or sing or craft with amazement and followed it up with the debilitating lie many of us know so well... "I'm just not creative."

I know that's a lie now because I've seen and experienced what it is to create something out of nothing. To feel a twinge in my guts that I couldn't shake, an idea that wouldn't allow my mind to rest until I said yes to the first step forward... and then the second.

What if we're all designed to be creators in some capacity? What if written on a line in our DNA is something waiting to be created that's so unique and beautiful it would leave a lasting impact on the lives around us. The clincher is, the world will only be able to experience it to it's fullest if we say yes and execute on creating that plan, that event, that organization, that book, that piece (you fill in the blank).

There is so much darkness in the world. I've experienced enough brokenness and heart ache just in my little family to last a lifetime. Our stories are unique but our pain is not. I've sat with women broken in the deepest parts of who they are, I've wept with mothers who've lost children, I've counseled many who have felt passed up, washed up and forgotten. What if the antidote to all of the brokenness could be found in our saying yes to the thing placed inside of each and everyone of us that's waiting to be created.

I've seen the restoration, life and fullness that comes with a life of saying yes to creating. And I've been the recipient of the life altering beauty in the creations of other people. What is waiting to be created by you today? What part of your unique perspective does the world need?? Where can heart ache and brokenness be lessened because of what you have been uniquely created to pioneer? What beauty is waiting to be birthed through your unique lens?

YOU ARE A CREATOR. The world needs you. What are you going to do about it?

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Tonya York
Tonya York
Mar 21, 2018

So true! I second guess myself daily. I just need to say yes and do it!

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